February 14, 2019

Many people feel left out on Valentine’s Day. It has become a day when single people avoid grocery stores where roses, champagne and greeting cards are front and center. Shopping malls are inundated with teddy bears holding stuffed hearts. Turning on the television sen...

August 16, 2018

When my daughter was in the second grade, I was told she could not read or spell and would probably never surpass the eighth grade reading level.

Having NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programming) helped me tremendously because I realized that she was not broken, she ne...

August 2, 2018

After my second child was born, I had decided to stay home with kids and "just be a Mom."  It was not long before the MLM community found me. I said no to them until being contacted by one that intrigued me. This company was going to be different, or so I thought. They...

July 26, 2018

I have often been intrigued by the rubrics cube challenge. I would try many times to get the block of colored squares sorted with each side a single color only to abandon the effort in frustration. Then, one day I met someone who knew the secret. He arranged the colore...

June 11, 2018

An important and overlooked aspect of managing emotions is managing the environment. Clearing clutter is a simple intervention that has profound results.

If our space is cluttered, so is our mind. This causes subconscious stress that clouds our thinking and keeps us fro...

May 25, 2018

Like bad body odor, sometimes we have to check to see if we are the one pulling everyone else down. Are you giving off negative energy? Are people arguing, diverting, or fleeing? Here are some ways to check and ways to shift your thinking for better results. 

One w...

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