Valentine's Day for Singles

February 14, 2019

Many people feel left out on Valentine’s Day. It has become a day when single people avoid grocery stores where roses, champagne and greeting cards are front and center. Shopping malls are inundated with teddy bears holding stuffed hearts. Turning on the television sends endless pictures of happy couples exchanging diamond rings in fairy tale romances. For some, being inundated with the message that they are not in a relationship is too much.


​​Take heart, single people. More than 110 million US citizens are single. 45% of the adult population in the United States.


Whether in the US or other countries, you are not alone.


Singles are part of a large population of people going solo.






Please understand, I’m not teaching against marriage or relationships. There are few happier places than inside a happy relationship. Lovers deserve all the accolades lauded on them on Valentine’s Day.


For some, however, being single is the best way to stay healthy, balanced, and focused. It is a lifestyle choice that research is showing has positive benefits for those who choose it. 


The secret to being happily single is to fall in love with your life. Everyday ask, “How much joy can I put into this day today?” Discover the lessons life has in store for you today. Give to others. Keep your head up. Keep your heart open. And go to the grocery store tomorrow.



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