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Coaching Leaders to

think more clearly, make better decisions and go after bigger, bolder projects. Our clients see opportunities, respond quickly and maximize results.  


With her teaching and techniques Nancy can strengthen anyone’s ability to manage their emotions and see their way through to desired outcomes.   Her clients are empowered  to chart their path clearly and quickly to bigger, bolder goals and experiences.

Nancy’s work is steeped in her study of psychology and human behavior. Nancy is a Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and was mentored by the discipline’s famed co-founder, Richard Bandler. NLP is used to manage the mental super-states that drive decision making and thought processes. She is also a Certified Hypnotist and Trainer in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). This approach brings quick and lasting change.


Nancy has also received a certification from The Harvard Negotiation Project, as well as from the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Life Coach Institute. Nancy has a Master’s in Theology from SMU, and a Bachelors in Marketing from Texas A&M.


Nancy has consulted for large, multi-national firms and solo entrepreneurs. Prior to consulting she was a leading salesperson for ADP Services and IBM. While at IBM, she trained others on her teams in advanced sales techniques.


She has been featured in the business books, “Pure Wealth” and “Comeback Moms”, US News & World Report, Inc. Magazine, American Express Online Open Forum, among other publications.   Nancy is a gifted speaker, and shares her leadership insights and decision making workshops with organizations throughout the U.S.


Nancy is a native resident of Dallas, Texas. An avid skier, Nancy spends as much time as possible in the mountains of Colorado.


BE THE leader the people you want, want.

- Nancy Cramer


How I Can

Help You

  • Find opportunities you didn't know you had!

    45 min

  • Change how your thoughts and feelings are formed in a new way!

    2 hr

  • Great Leaders practice great self-control. Speech to full day training

    1 hr

  • Get a bird's eye view on utterly different ways to sharpen the tack

    1 hr

  • Hypnosis is the way people achieve massive improvement. Find out why

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