LEaders Learn To

Control their emotions in order to make better decisions faster, and go after bigger, bolder projects.


Nancy Cramer is the founder of Correct Course Consulting, 

a firm that helps leaders and their teams make better decisions faster, and take on bigger, bolder projects.  


Nancy has consulted to such firms as Under Armour, Safeway, and Symantec.


Before beginning her firm in 2012, she was a leading salesperson for ADP and IBM. While at IBM, she led strategy sessions for mid-market accounts and trained others in advanced sales techniques.  


Nancy has been featured in the business books, “Pure Wealth” and “Comeback Moms.”  Also, US News and World Report, Inc. Magazine, American Express Online Open Forum, among others.


Her work with leaders and salespeople is steeped in her study of psychology. She is a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and was in fact mentored by the discipline’s famed co-founder, Richard Bandler. She has also received a certification from The Harvard Negotiation Project, as well as from the Robbins-Madanes Intervention Institute.


Nancy has a Masters in Theological Studies from SMU, and a Bachelors in Marketing from Texas A&M.


A life highlight: At four years old, she made Jack Benny laugh. 


BE THE leader the people you want, want.

- Nancy Cramer


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